New Hampshire Motor Speedway

The Track – The road course itself is 1.6 miles long with 14 turns.  It’s a terrific training facility with a bit of everything from high-speed corners to off-camber to semi-blind entries.  It’s also not an exceptionally fast track, which helps to keep it accessible to every rider regardless of their skill level.

Infrastructure – NHMS has the most complete infrastructure of the tracks we use.  Garages are automatically included, complete with table and electrical power for tire-warmers, etc.  The classroom is close to the garages as are the bathrooms and showers.

Instructors and Parking – When you ride at NHMS, in addition to having an assigned instructor you will also be assigned a specific garage.  Someone will be waiting at the main gate to give you your garage assignment, so you can know where to park when you enter.

Fuel – NHMS has gas pumps right next to the garages, and they take credit cards.  You’ll be able to purchase either 93 octane pump gas or higher-octane race gas.  You’ll have to opportunity to purchase 5-gallon cans of race gas if that’s what you need as well.

Food  The Smoke Shack caters our lunches, and as always, we shut down for lunch where we can gather in the main garage to enjoy the food and each other.  You’ll be issued a wrist band when you sign in, and that will be your “ticket” through the lunch line.

Overnight – Camping at the track is on an individual basis.  You’ll need to check in with the front gate, and they’ll set you right up.

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