Club Motorsports

Time to tame “The Mountain”

The Track – This is the track everyone wants to ride. Simply put, there is nothing like this track anywhere else in North America.  From the lowest point to the highest point on the track is 250’, and you’ll go up and down the mountain 4 times per lap.  It’s 2.5 miles and 15 turns of perfection with views of the White Mountains from the top of the course.  We are extremely proud to say that Fishtail is the only motorcycle organization that is allowed to schedule events here.

Infrastructure – Club Motorsports is a new facility, and much of the infrastructure is still under construction or in the planning stages. The paddock is paved, but they have yet to put up a permanent structure on the property.  The classroom is right on the edge of the paddock in a temporary trailer.  It is totally adequate for our needs, and the air conditioning is just what we need on those hot days.  They do have bathrooms and portable toilets with running water but no showers.

Instructors and Parking – You will be paired with an instructor for the day, but because of the lack of garages, we won’t be assigning parking spaces.  Our intent is to park everyone in the paved area adjacent to the west entrance.

Fuel – CMI does not have fuel for sale in the property yet.  There is a gas station just a few miles east of the track at the intersection of Routes 25 and 16.

Food  The Smoke Shack caters our lunches, and as always, we shut down for lunch where we can gather in the main garage to enjoy the food and each other.  You’ll be issued a wrist band when you sign in, and that will be your “ticket” through the lunch line.

Upcoming Dates