Your First Motorcycle Track Day: What To Expect

You can plan on receiving a “Welcome to Fishtail” email 1-2 days before your event.  The email will give you enough specifics to get you into the facility and signed in to start your day.  Below is a general overview of what you can expect for all our days.

When You Arrive: Sign-In
Depending on the track, the gates usually open at 7:00. Expect to see a long line of cars, trucks and motorcycles patiently milling around when you arrive. Don’t panic: you’ll have plenty of time before your first session. You will need to sign a release for the facility itself with track personnel before you can enter. This release is different from the Fishtail release you’ll sign when you get inside.

Garage and Instructor Assignments
At NHMS there will be someone waiting by the front gate with a list of instructor and garage assignments. They will show you what you’re looking for when you enter the infield and where to park. At our other locations, you can find your instructor assignment at the sign in table. 

When you enter the infield and park, your first priority is to find the sign-in table and let us know you’re there. When in doubt, follow the smell of coffee and pastries, and you’ll be close enough.

Okay, I’m signed in.  Now what?

At that point we’ll show you where you need to bring your motorcycle for tech inspection.  If you need any help unloading your bike or preparing it for inspection, don’t hesitate to ask.  You’ll find all sorts of people coming out of the woodwork to give you a hand.

You’ll need to bring your release with you when you bring your motorcycle to the tech garage.  Once your bike is okayed, you are free to hang out, grab a snack and take in the atmosphere.  We are sponsored by Vermont Artisan Coffee, and we’ll warn you right now, their coffee will ruin you for anything else.

Bike inspected? Check.  Coffee?  Check.  Pastry?  Check.  Now what? 

You’re all set to go.  You’ll hear an announcement some time around 8:15 for the safety brief at 8:30.

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