Technical Inspection

Because Fishtail is not a race school, bike prep is pretty straight forward. We do not require safety wiring or coolant replacement. The things you’ll need to make your bike safe for our track school are pretty much the same things you’d need to make it safe for street riding.

  1. Tires: You need at least 50% of your tire tread remaining and the tread needs to be in good condition (no dry rot).
  2. Brakes: Make sure your brakes have at least 50% pad material remaining.
  3. Throttle: The throttle needs to turn freely with no binding. Twist your throttle open all the way: it should snap back to the closed position quickly and smoothly without binding.
  4. Mirrors, glass and lights: All glass, lights and reflectors must be taped over. Use blue painter’s tape, since it is easier to remove than duct tape. If it’s feasible, disconnect or disable your brake light and head light to keep the heat from baking the tape on. Remove or tape over your mirrors.
  5. Chain and sprockets: Make sure your chain and sprockets are in good shape.
  6. Check for fluid leaks: There cannot be any oil, coolant or gas leaks. We do not require you to drain or replace your coolant, but make sure there are no leaks.  A slimy tire can ruin your day.
  7. Steering and suspension: Your suspension and steering mechanisms should operate smoothly with no notchiness.

If you have any concerns, please see your regular maintenance specialist to have the situation checked for your track day.  Better to be sure in advance than sorry at the track.

The Ride and Bike Requirements page of our website has the information you’ll need.

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