Motorcycle and Rider Requirements

Rider Requirements

To participate in one of our track days, you need a very basic set of gear. Please take note of required items – especially safety gear. If you fail to bring required items will not being able to ride.

  • You must be at least 16 years old to participate in any track day at NHMS.  Riders younger than 18 years old must have a waiver and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • full coverage one or two piece protective riding suit made of leather or textile. If you are riding in the A Group, you’ll need a 1-piece leather suit.

    If you are using a two-piece suit, the top and bottom must zip together. The zipper does not have to be a 360 degree zipper; a zipper that joins the top and bottom is sufficient. See our article on protective gear more details.

    You can also rent riding gear from our friends at Seacoast Sport Cycle.  Check with them about your needs, and they’ll have it waiting for you at the track the day of the event.

  • full face helmet (Snell, DOT or EU equivalent approval) in good condition. If your helmet is more than five years old, it should be replaced. Helmets are stamped with a date of manufacture inside. If you cannot find a date of manufacture it may be because your helmet is very old!  If in doubt, replace it!

  • Gauntlet style gloves that cinch at the wrist are required.

  • Over the ankle footwear, not including sneakers. We strongly recommend boots and motorcycle specific boots are preferred.

  • You should bring the basic tools you need to prep your bike for the track. This includes wrenches, screwdrivers, painter’s tape (for covering glass and plastics) and other tools. See the section below on bike requirements for more information.

 Here are some optional items that can make your day more comfortable:

  • Change of clothes
  • Hat
  • Beach/lawn chair
  • Spare gas can
  • Sun screen
  • Shower gear (NHMS has full shower facilities).

Motorcycle Requirements

All motorcycles must pass technical inspection before riding. If you bike fails technical inspection you cannot ride it on the track until the failure is corrected. Please make sure that your bike will pass technical inspection before arriving at the track.

  • 50% tire tread remaining
  • 50% brake pads remaining
  • The throttle must operate smoothly with no binding or sticking. Open the throttle 100% and release it. The grip must return full to the original position without sticking.
  • Properly adjusted chain (Okay, we cut the BMW guys some slack here)
  • No fluid leaks (safety wire and coolant drain are NOT required)
  • All glass and plastic (except tachometer/speedo/faceshield) taped over
  • Mirrors removed or taped over
  • Brake light taped over

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