Here are some links to our favorite people and places.


Street and Competition is joining us at our track days this year.  Miles is offering discounts for Fishtail riders, and if it can be bolted or stuck onto a bike or rider he probably has it in the trailer.  Face it, the only way to make a day at the track better is to buy bling while you’re there!

Many of you know Eric Colbath from his days at BCM, or you may have met him at a track day. Well, he’s struck out on his own, and he’s open for business. Eric is one of the best mechanics we know, so give him a call. Better hurry though, because once I bring all my suspension bits to him for reconditioning, he won’t have time for your stuff.

Robbie Nigl is a man of many talents, and one of them is making motorcycles look better than the manufacturer ever intended.  It doesn’t matter what you have in mind, he can pull it off.  Just don’t get him started on The Big Lebowski

Many of you have met John Owens, or at least been able to see his work at our track days. He’s a great guy who puts out a terrific product.

MAX BMW has supported Fishtail since before it was Fishtail.  He’s supplied our instructor’s bikes as well as more logistical support than we can list here.  Max is a class act, and you’d be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic bunch of guys.


Bob LoCicero has been attending Fishtail Riding School track days for several seasons now. He is eternally grateful to his wife Jean for getting him to sell his cruiser and buy a Ducati Monster — just like hers. Bob is responsible for the design and development of our new web site.

Visit Bob’s web site at If you ever ride in Vermont, you may be interested in visiting one of Bob’s side-projects,

Steve Saucier, president and founder of European Cycle Services, has been a supporter of Fishtail since the beginning.  Operating out of Middletown, NY, he’s built a successful business wrenching on most things European.  They are a great group of guys that are very enthusiatic about what they do, and their work is top-notch.  I’ve had them build two motors for me at this point, so I’m a big believer.

Jack is a Fishtail instructor and makes practical billet bling for sport bikes. Most of the heavy duty clutch covers and rear-sets you see in the Fishtail pits are his; he created a custom water pump guard for Ducatis. Check out his site  ( for the goods for Ducatis, Hondas, Aprilias, Yamahas, Suzukis and KTMs.