You’ll tune up your motorcycle. How about tuning up your body?

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Sound: 92db at 50’.  If you arrive with a stock intake and exhaust system, we guarantee you’ll be able to ride.  However, you may have some restrictions depending on the motorcycle.  We will hold sound check in the pits the morning of the event.  You will be required to rev your motorcycle slowly.  If you hit the redline before you reach 92db, you’re all set to go.  If you hit 92db before you get to redline, then that RPM will become your functional redline for the day.  CMI will also have staff at points around the track throughout the day.  If you exceed the limit, you will be flagged and pulled off the track.  If you don’t feel like you can control your throttle hand (in the case of an imposed redline), then this day may not be for you.

A few additional thoughts on sound: if you’re not sure about your bike, download an app for your smart phone.  Our experience has been that it will give you a reasonably accurate picture of where you stand.  If you bring a thumper, it needs to have the stock exhaust.  We have yet to see a motard with aftermarket exhaust make the sound limit.  If you bring a large-bore bike with a race exhaust, most likely your day will end early.  Historically, bikes that barely pass the sound test with an artificially low redline end up exceeding the limits within a few sessions.  Your best bet is to bolt on a stock muffler for the day.  The ECU will have enough capacity to compensate for a few hours of riding.

Track Etiquette: CMI is not a race track, it is a training facility and playground.  You need to ride it with that in mind.  If we or the staff feel like you are treating it like a race or race practice, we’ll ask you to come in and have a chat.  If we have to ask you to come in a second time, that will be the end of your day.