Keep our eyes up the racetrack while holding your 100mph tuck

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The first track day of the 2019 season went off with great success!  How was the day after?  Are your legs sore? How about your back or your neck?  Arms?  I know I’m sore in some expected and unexpected places.  Learning from this soreness let’s take another look at some more exercises that might help us get through your next track day and the day(s) after.

This time I am going to show you new core exercises, different legs exercises and now add some upper back/neck exercises to help you keep your eyes up the racetrack while holding your 100mph tuck.

Lower Body Muscular Endurance:

Although the Duck Walk was great we are going to get a little lower for that aggressive body position.

The Deep Squat Hold:

  • Holding a deep squat will open up your hips, stretch your back, and condition your legs.
  • This is a great video with several variations you should try.

Lower Body Mobility:

Butterfly Stretch:

  • The butterfly stretch will help with inner thigh (Adductor) flexibility. If this position is too hard to get into you can try the suggested modification or you can try sitting on a rolled up towel.

Core Strength / Mobility

Alternating Superman:

  • I probably should have put this exercise in the very first post. It is great for strengthening spinal erectors, glutes, upper back, and neck while stretching chest, hip flexors, and abdominals. Do NOT over extend you neck to look up, but DO tip your head back slightly with every repetition.

Core Strength

Front Plank and Reach:

  • Adding a little difficulty to the front plank with a reach is a great way to challenge your core to stay in control with only 3 points of contact.

Sample Workout:

  • Here is a complete workout for you incorporating some of the exercises you learned from the first two posts with these new exercises.

Warm-up – Walk or climb stairs for 3 minutes

Circuit 1 – 3x

  • Bodyweight Squat x 20
  • Deep Squat Hold x 30 seconds
  • Push Up x 12
  • Alternating Superman x 6 each side
  • Jumping Jacks x 60 seconds

Circuit 2 – 3x

  • Duck Walk x 30 seconds
  • Down Dog to Pigeon x 12 total
  • Inverted Row x 12
  • Front Plank and Reach x 12 total reaches
  • Jog in Place x 60 seconds

 Cool Down – Butterfly stretch x 60 seconds

Attempt 3 rounds of each circuit each workout. If you don’t have time for all of it in one day then do Circuit 1 one day and Circuit 2 another day. This will take longer than the first two workouts so take your time the first time through and gets a sense of how your body responds to the exercise combinations.

Give it a shot and let us know if it helps with the next track day.

Rock On!

Jonathan Dame, B.S. NSCA CSCS

Dartmouth College Athletics