Body Tune-up Lets Add Some Conditioning

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Can you believe that we are only a few weeks away from our first track day?  NHMS April 29th! Did you get new tires, grips, shinny things?  Did you start your workout program yet?  Am I going to follow up this post with an “I told you so”?

It’s not too late to start a workout program. Strength and mobility will be key that first day in order to reduce fatigue.  In the last post I suggested some very basic movements to get you started (Squat, Plank, Frog Pose) as well as some light cardio.  We are going to build on those basic movements and add in some conditioning.

Lower Body Muscular Endurance:

Duck Walk:

-We already worked on the squat so what I want you to do is get into the lowest SUCCESSFUL squat and walk around.

-Extra points if you quack like a duck!

Core Strength:

Modified Side Plank:

-I prefer to do a side plank with the lower leg bent so you are supported by your knee and elbow.  This modification will reduce strain on your hips and focus the tension in the core musculature.  You may also get a bonus burn in your glutes (excellent for keeping that knee on the pavement).

-Step it up a bit if it’s too easy with a reach and rotation.

Lower Body Mobility:
Down Dog to Pigeon:

-This is a hard one to explain, but I found a great video…..

Let’s add some Upper Body Strength this time:

Push Up:

  • -Seen it, surfed it, skied it.  Here’s a video…


Inverted Row:

-It is very hard to perform a pulling motion in a home workout, but with a little creativity you can find a way. I was very impressed when I saw this (don’t use your good sheets or break anything)….

Here is your Sample Workout:

Warm-Up: Walk or Climb Some Stairs for 3minutes

Perform this circuit 3-5 times

  • Bodyweight Squat (From workout 1) x 15 repetitions
  • Duck Walk – x 20 steps (rest half way if needed)
  • Push Up – x 10 or more
  • Inverted Row – x10 or more
  • Side Plank and Rotate x10 on each side
  • Down Dog to Pigeon x5 on each side
  • Jog in place or do some jumping jacks x30 seconds


  • Frog Pose (From workout 1) x10 repetitions slow and controlled

I have stepped it up a bit assuming that you have already tried workout 1. This whole workout should take about 35minutes. As always, start slow and work your way up.  Attempt 3 sets and build up to 5. 

Rock On and I’ll see you on April 29th!

Jonathan Dame, B.S. NSCA CSCS
Dartmouth College Athletics