So you decided that you'd like to take the plunge and try racing! That's great! There are things to know -- other than how to go fast -- to make you a successful racer (we define "successful" as someone who has fun doing it).

The Fishtail Race program is design to give you the information you need to make your first race day easier and less stressful. The school is not about how to go fast. The focus of the program is on safety and logistics of the race day. It is designed to make sure you are comfortable and confident, which are two keys to going fast.

The school runs the entire day and has both classroom instruction and on-track training. Students get the opportunity to experience every aspect of a motorcycle race weekend multiple times during the course.

Items covered will include:

  • Motorcycle preparation
  • Rider gear
  • Registration
  • Pre-grid and Grid procedures
  • Starting procedures
  • Flag drills
  • And much, much more

Here is what you will need for the race school:

When you complete the Race School you will have your CCS Certification and will be licensed to race.

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