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Fishtail Riding School

Much more than a motorcycle track day

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Jane Hamlton in turn 11a

Race School Prep

In our effort to keep the Race School accessible, our Race School requirements are very similar to our track day requirements. You should review the CCS rules to ensure that you have the proper equipment for your first race.

 To participate in our race school, you need the following basic set of gear:

The Race School Day is a bit longer than our typical Track School, culminating in a Rookie Race at the end of the day.

The day is broken into blocks that begin with classroom instruction followed by on-track drills. The emphasis is on safety with instruction followed by drills to reinforce the classroom instruction.  Our goal is to make you a competent and safe racer by the end of the day.

Please see the CCS web site for official rules regarding racing. Racing officials will have the final say in determining your readiness to race. The guidelines in this article can help you prepare in a general way.

So you decided that you'd like to take the plunge and try racing! That's great! There are things to know -- other than how to go fast -- to make you a successful racer (we define "successful" as someone who has fun doing it).

The Fishtail Race program is design to give you the information you need to make your first race day easier and less stressful. The school is not about how to go fast. The focus of the program is on safety and logistics of the race day. It is designed to make sure you are comfortable and confident, which are two keys to going fast.