When Fishtail began training motorcycle police in 2008, we never anticipated the success of the program. Due to our connection with MAX BMW and their connection with the Cambridge, MA Police Department, we invited CPD to one of our schools. The results were amazing. In just 2 years, the CPD realized a 70% reduction in accidents among their motor cops! It was great validation for our program.

Two years later, riders from the Northeast Motorcycle Law Enforcement Council -- a consortium of 57 police and sheriff departments from Massachusetts -- began training with us, as a way to expand their on road training. Since starting riding with us, they too have experienced a reduction in on-road accidents. We are now part of NEMLEC’s annual training schedule and every year we hear comments like, “You guys saved my life this year.”

In 2012, Fishtail expanded our police training to include officers in the NH State Police Motor Unit. This year, we completed training the remaining officers in the unit. We’re anxious to see how they fare in the coming year, but the feedback has already been overwhelmingly positive.

We’re now engaged with departments from Maine to include them in our 2014 schedule, so next year looks to be another expansion year.

When we founded Fishtail we didn’t envision working with municipalities across New England training their police departments. To say it has been rewarding would be an understatement. They are a terrific group of guys who are passionate about their riding. It’s no surprise they would fit right in with our community.


Go Pro Images

Motorcycle police in turn 6
An instructor points out the line in turn 6

NH State Police motorcycles
Police in turn 6

Cops in Turn 1
Entering turn 1 at NHMS