Introducing the Fishtail Friends and Family Program

Fishtail is rolling into its 12 th season of providing what we believe to be the best motorcycle riding program in the Northeast. One of the main reasons for our success has been you, the customer (and family member!), spreading the word to your friends and family members, inviting them into our community. We want to formally acknowledge that reality and create a way to give back to you for your loyalty over the years. So, here’s how we’re going to do that.

FT May 5 2014-079_Feature

Starting this season, for every 3 riders you invite, coerce, cajole or just plain trick into riding with us for the first time, we’re going to give you a free day at the track. They can be any rider, from one who has never seen a road course other than the video you keep showing them (over and over and over . . .) to someone who has lots of track time, just never with us. The only requirement is they have never ridden at a Fishtail event before. They can all ride on the same day or be spread over the season in any combination. You (or they) simply keep us informed as to who dragged whom to the track, and we’ll keep tabs on it here.

FT NYST 2013-248_Feature

We want to make this rewards program a win-win for everyone, and we believe we’ve pulled that off here. We get to thank you for your loyalty in a very real way, and you help us connect with new riders who haven’t experienced our community yet. We’re excited to try this new thing. We hope you are too.