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Fishtail Riding School

Much more than a motorcycle track day

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Jane Hamlton in turn 11a


Being first is always special and it becomes even more so when you have a nice keepsake! Get your special limited edition Club Motorsports Inaugural poster on canvas for only $40. To order, see the Dates & Sign-Up page.

Our 2018 track day schedule is coming together with firm commitments for dates in Palmer, New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Thompson CT.  We may be adding dates to this schedule, but for those of you who like to sign up early and take advantage of our High Flyer Discount special ($40 off each day purchased when 5 or more track days are purchased together) this is your chance.

This year's dates are:

  • 5/14 - New Hampshire Motor Speedway
  • 5/31 - Palmer, MA
  • 6/11 - New Hampshire Motor Speedway
  • 7/16 - Palmer, MA
  • 7/30 - Palmer, MA
  • 8/20 - New Hampshire Motor Speeday
  • 9/10 - Palmer, MA
  • 9/19 - Thompson, CT
  • 10/1 - New Hampshire Motor Speedway


To sign-up, see the Dates & Sign-Up page.

Women enjoying a Fishtail Riding School track day

Fishtail is rolling into its 12 th season of providing what we believe to be the best motorcycle riding program in the Northeast. One of the main reasons for our success has been you! The Friends and Family program is all about rewarding you for helping us to increase the size of our family.