Many of you may already know Eric from his days as a mechanic at BCM Motorsports.  Eric has been with us for a whole lot of years - first as a rider, then as a corner worker, and now as an Instructor and one of our Suspension School instructors.

Eric's main ride is Chucky, one of the coolest Ducati Monsters ever, with no two pieces coming off the same bike.  Not only that, he just struck out on his own, starting up Clubhouse Motorsports in the Lakes Region of NH.

He says he enjoys long walks on far away race tracks, but I won’t mention that because it will probably embarrass him if I do.  

Rumor has it that Tim Hafner once punted him off his bike into the Michigan dirt, breaking his shoulder.  (Editor Note: I’m here to tell you the rumor is totally unfounded. You punt with your foot; I used my knee.)