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Fishtail Riding School

Much more than a motorcycle track day

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Jane Hamlton in turn 11a


Any riding school can provide track time and many schools have good instructors. But Fishtail Riding School has great instructors who really care about helping students and are willing to provide the individual attention that really makes a difference.  Unfortunately most of them are quite bashful, so when I ask them for pictures, they keep sending me pictures of them riding their bikes.  The end result is these could all be imposters.  Go figure . . .

Jerry is one of our steely-eyed killers.  He spent 39 years flying for USAir, and he also flew fighters for the Massachusetts and New York Air National Guard (don't hate him because he's beautiful . . .).  With all that spare time he started racing in the LRRS.  He's done quite well for himself, winning the Amateur Achievement Award in 2006 and moving up to the expert ranks pretty quickly.  Now he races in the Formula Fossil classes, as well as a bunch of other classes that I don't understand,so I won't try to explain them to you.

John is our newest classroom guy.  He's been working with us over the season to get up to speed on the curriculum as well as help to redesign the program.  

While he may be on a generic track bike here in his picture, he just came over to the dark side and bought one of Gil Rainault's Ducatis.

He’s a junkie for anything with 2 wheels, either pedal or internal combustion.He and his wife Peg built a trimaran that resembles something from Star Trek. All very cool. When John isn’t instructing for us, he is planning motorcycle gatherings around North America, where good friends can ride for days on end and make up stories about what they have done.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s married to me, the classroom guy.  It took me a few years to convince her that track days were fun, but once she tried it she was hooked.  If we had to describe her riding style in one word, it would be “smooth,” and she has a real gift for boosting a rider’s confidence.  Don’t let her calm demeanor fool you though.  She's a fierce competitor and a World Masters Rowing Champion.

Mike Dube is another guy that’s been around instructing forever.

He got the racing bug a few years ago and has since won a national #1 plate in USCRA Vintage classes formula 1 and 2 on his Meyers Performance built TT Replica.

Steve Doody grew up on the south shore of Boston. He’s a high school sports hall of famer. But don’t worry, he got old just like the rest of us anyway. As you can tell from the picture, he has some weird aversion to fairings, probably dating back to the late 70s when he raced flat track at Bryar Motorsport Park. Now he gets his jollies racing Formula Fossil (50) where he won the championship in 2007. When he’s not earning money to pay for his hobbies, you can find him leading students around with us or racing as an expert at NHMS.

Architect, helicopter flight instructor, and sometime-racer at Loudon, Thomas also teaches for the Connecticut DOT motorcycle safety program, and he is the creator of our new Suspension Workshop. In a quest to master all things two-wheeled, he has managed to ride at just about every top riding school in the country, sometimes multiple times a year.  With all that going on, why does he contribute to Fishtail?  Because he is dedicated to motorcycle safety, and  he genuinely enjoys working with the students.  We're very excited about what he has brought to our program.

Wes is another Fishtail old timer.  He started riding as a young tike way back in 1972 on a Harley Shortster (think Honda Gorilla but with more testosterone).