Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park road course
Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park - road course

The 2014 season will be our first at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, CT. Opening in 1938, the track has a long history of racing and motorsports. The road racing course at Thompson has been in place since the 1950’s, but has been completely updated for the 2014 season, with new pavement, safety upgrades, and new classrooms, garages and restrooms.

The Thompson track is generally less technical and higher speed than Loudon, and should provide plenty of challenge and fun. The course is 1.7 miles long, includes some high speed corners, a long straight, and some off-camber corners. Like the New York Safety track, Thompson can be run both directions.

There is no camping at Thompson. They have a list of accommodations "in the area". There are several options 20-30 minutes away from the track in Auburn, MA and Sturbridge, MA.

Garage/Paddock: Unless you make arrangements with the track for garage space, you will be in the open paddock area. It is highly advisable to have a pop-up canopy or similar shelter from the weather. The paddock is paved, so you will not be able to use spikes or stakes to secure your canopy.

Power: The garages have electricity, but the main paddock area does not. If you need power for tire warmers, etc, then bring a generator.

Trailers: If you would like to drop your trailer off the night before the event, the track will be open on Thursday, June 12th from 7 to 9 p.m. The gates will be locked at 9 p.m. until 7 a.m. the next morning. There is no onsight security.

Gas: There are pumps onsight. The pumps are self-serve using a credit card. The multiple octanes from 93 unleaded to 112 leaded.

Food: We will be eating a family style lunch in the track restaurant instead of the garage/paddock area. 


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