The Club Motorsports facility in Tamworth, NH is a new for us (and everyone else!). Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions we've heard.

Will there be camping?
Unfortunately, not this year. There is simply too much infrastructure yet to be completed for the track to feel comfortable with overnight campers. The expectation is we’ll be able to start camping next year.

Do you have a list of lodging options locally?
As a matter of fact, we do. Here is a list of local places you can stay. The Econo Lodge has a discount for anyone attending a track event. Summer tourism is a big part of the economy in the area, so there are many places to stay.

o Econo Lodge, West Ossipee, NH

o Whits End Campground

o Westward Shores Cottage & RV Park

o Bearcamp River Campground

o Tamworth Camping

o Chocorua KOA

o NH State Parks

What kind of facilities are on site?
At this point, only portable toilets. You will need to bring virtually everything you will need with you.

Will there be garages or areas to get out of the sun?
There are no garages or buildings yet. There will be a 40’X80’ tent that we will use for the classroom, registration, lunch, etc. You are welcome to bring popups and the like. Be advised if you end up in the paved paddock you won’t be able to erect anything that needs anchors driven into the ground.

What does parking and the paddock look like?
We will be working out of 2 main paddock areas, the Main Paddock and the West Paddock. The Main Paddock is gravel but graded flat and well packed. The West Paddock is paved, and that’s where we will be running our main center of operations from.

Will there be food at the event?
Yes, you can expect the same food options you would see at any Fishtail event. We will have coffee and continental breakfast items in the morning, a fully catered lunch provided by The Smoke Shack and plenty of bottled water.

What will the schedule look like?
The schedule will be just like the rest of our days. Once you arrive you will need to make your way to the registration tent adjacent to the West Paddock where you will find the food, registration and tech inspection.

Safety brief at 8:30

Track opens at 9:00

  • A Group at :00
  • B Group at :20
  • C Group at :40

We will serve lunch starting at 12:10 while the A Group is still on track.

Track closes at 12:20

Track reopens at 1:20

Track riding ends at 5:00

When does the track close the gates in the evening?
The track will stay open until 7pm the night before the event. If you want to drop off trailers, etc., make sure you arrive before that.

How early can I arrive? How late can I stay?
The current plan is to leave the gates open until 7pm each night, after which they will lock the gates and go home to their families.

Will there be fuel on site?
No, but there are a number of gas stations approximately 2 miles away at the intersection of Rtes. 16 and 25, and they have 93 octane fuel.

Can I run a generator?

How would you describe the track and what is the status of Armco/air fences?
One word that describes this track is WIDE. The narrowest spot on the track is 41’ with many areas significantly wider than that. Runoff in some of the more challenging corners is quite generous (up to 85’ in some cases). The Armco at the track goes all the way to the ground (no possibility of sliding under), and much of it will be covered with an extensive system of tire barriers. There will not be any Air Fence this time around.

Will there be a track walk?
There will be a track walk Monday, 5:30-6:30p. If we can work out the logistics, we may do a track walk Sunday night. Right now that is still an open question.