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Fishtail Riding School

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Jane Hamlton in turn 11a

2017 Track Day Schedule

Here is our 2017 Track Day schedule. 

The High-Flyer Discount is back. To get the discount, purchase five or more track days before our first event on May 9th and you'll receive $40 off each High-Flyer Discount day you choose. Not all days qualify for the discount, so please make sure you are selecting High-Flyer discount days if you want the discount.

The table shows available dates and groups. Popular dates sell out quickly, so don't wait until the last minute to register!

Regular Track Days

High Flyer
Discount Day
High Flyer
Discount Cost
Group Status
Palmer Track Day - Full Academics & Lunch 8/28/2017 $270.00  Yes  $230.00  Available Available Available
Club Motorsports - Tamworth, NH 9/18/2017 $300.00  Yes  $300.00  Available Sold Out! Sold Out!
Club Motorsports - Tamworth, NH 9/19/2017 $300.00  Yes  $300.00  Available Available Available
Palmer MSP - Full Academics & Lunch - Reverse Direction! 9/28/2017 $270.00  Yes  $230.00  Available Available Available